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e martë, 12 qershor 2007

Introducing The World Latest Technology In Power Saving Appliance ( ULTRA )

We are living in energy competitive era.ULTRA is the World 1st new technology of saving power by improving current without dropping voltage. In other words, ULTRA is patented product developed to be safer and more effective of power saving through current improvement. It is possible to install without the influence of production line and there is a little danger of fire because of its heatless type. Because of small volume, it has excellence of utilizing space. Besides reasonable price and has superior energy savings with a high R.O.I.
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Keseco Signed Joint Venture contract with ULTRA ENERGY RESOURCES SDN BHD

Keseco (CEO Eun-Kuk, Kim) announced that it has signed a Joint Venture contract with ULTRA ENERGY RESOURCES SDN BHD in Malaysia, to establishing a joint venture branch company in Malaysia to manufacture Power Saving Appliance, "ULTRA".Under the investment law regarding JV company into Malaysia and the law and provision of Malaysia in relation to others, ULTRA ENERGY RESOURCES SDN BHD and KESECO agreed into Penang in Malaysia by founding JV enterprises.

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Stop Wasting Your Money And Start Saving Your Money Now!!!.

Stop Wasting Your Money &

Start Saving Your Money Now!!!!

Why Pay More For Your Bills????
Get Our Product Now And Let Its Serve You.

We are pleased to inform that we Ultra Energy Resources Sdn Bhd
in Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia, are the sole agent in Malaysia for the “Ultra Energy” an energyCo. Ltd. products have certification evaluation for its energy savings performance and electrical safety and have no objections from the market since its inception in Korea.
"Ultra Energy” is the new concept of savings products patented in Korea by Keseco Co. Ltd. “Ultra Energy” has a proven track record since year 2000. Keseco energy saving device, totally different from the existing energy saving devices in the market. Most of the existing energy savers reduce the electricity cost by dropping the voltage which could lead to other problems. “Ultra Energy” is an incredible solution to this matter. It minimizes load and increases current efficiency without dropping the voltage to maximize power savings. We are confident that the "Ultra Energy" will meet with your satisfaction in terms of energy savings while maintaining consistent voltage.We wish to introduce a new attractive scheme for your kind perusal and consideration to the people of Malaysia by giving opportunies to savings your hard earned money from wasted into the drains.

Ø NO CHARGES – FREE installation.
No additional budget required

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e hënë, 4 qershor 2007

Building That Use Electricity Needs Ultra

Every House Use Electric.. Electricity is a need to Us..

More Electrical Equipment Mean More Electric Bills

Even A Kampung (Rural) People Still Have To Pay The Bills.. No Way To Hide From It

Big House Mean Big Bills On Electric.. Save Your Money Eventhough Your Are Wealthy Person.. Make Wise Decision..Use Ultra At Your Home

Motels and Resorts That use lots Of Electrcity On Lightning etc.

Shopping Kompleks Need Lots Of Electricy To Make It Alive and Attractive to Customer
Big Mall That Use Lots Of Electricity Gain Lots On Business And Waste Lots On Electric Bills, Now We Have The Solutions And Now Is the Time make Profits More Bigger !!!

Factory Also Need Some Technology That Can Save Their Big Flow On Electricity..get Ultra To Change The Flow Into A Profits To Your Company
Hotels Also Use Lots Of Electricity..Save Your Money And Earn Money With Us

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